Introducing “Your life in a Ziploc Bag”- anecdotes of motherhood

Share your “Life in a Ziploc Bag” stories with us!  What are these? These are your stories, anecdotes of motherhood.  They can be whimsical, funny, heartfelt.  We want this to be an open forum that becomes THE place for motherhood tips, comments and more.  Please respect others, but let the juices flow! 

First 20 Mamas who post each get $10 in mama bucks to use at the center!  So Mamas… let’s make this viral- start posting your stories!

To start us off:

Posted from Sarah Ellis, mother of two boys, both under 16 months!

“You know that your life is crazy when having your 2nd child and spending a night in the hospital resembles date night”